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F.A.M.C. 60th Anniversary Picture 2008

The F.A.M.C. celebrated two special events in their later years. They celebrated their 50th and 60th anniversaries
of the chorus with a special latin mass at at Holy Family Parish in Lowell, MA. The hearts of the participating
members swelled with pride with the remarks that were made in recognition of the F.A.M.C. at both masses. Also, please
find slide shows which were created to show at each banquet that include pictures that were taken through our years
and songs from our chorus and other songs that I felt set the celebration mood for each video. Please enjoy!

Listen to the Opening Remarks by Father Romeo Murphy - November 1, 1998

50th Anniversary Slide Show - November 1, 1998

Listen to the Opening Remarks by Father Donald Lozier - October 18, 2008

60th Anniversary Slide Show - October 18, 2008

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