This website is dedicated to the memory and legacy of the Franco American Male Chorus.

The Franco American Male Chorus was a male singing group that enjoyed tremendous success from 1948 until 2008. The group was formed originally from the members of the St. Jeanne D'Arc of Lowell Boys/Men Choir, as well as the St Louis Church Choir in Lowell. Interestingly, throughout its long existence, the group had consisted of two and three generation family groups. In its later years the chorus members originated from the Greater Lowell, MA and Salem, NH area.

The choir was formally registered as the Franco American Male Chorus in 1948 by the founder, George A. Ayotte, who was the mayor of the City of Lowell at that time. At the passing of Delia Ayotte, accompanist and wife of Mr. Ayotte, their daughter, Fleurette (Flo) Ayotte Sheehy took the reins and became the group's very talented and dedicated accompanist. Flo came from a very musical family. Besides her mother and father, her three brothers and sister were all involved in the performing arts, specifically singing, piano and organ playing, her brother Rene was also part of the FAMC. From 1974, after the passing of her mom, Flo began her long relationship with the FAMC. She has also accompanied La Chorale Orion and the Spindle City Singers. She has also "Touched" the organ in various churches in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

In 1977, George Ayotte retired and turned the directorship over to Robert (Bob) Gaudette, a loyal member since 1948. With his experience as the former Director of the Mary Queen of Peace Church Choir in Salem, NH (35+ years), the group maintained the professionalism exhibited under the former director with his dedication and the technical leadership that he provided. Bob was also director of the Salem Choral Society, which he founded in 1972 and he also directed a choir at the Holy Family Parish Church in Lowell, MA for many, many years. The chorus sang its last concert as a group on 12-7-08, when they sang at the Lawrence Elks Memorial Service, Lawrence, MA. With that concert, Flo retired as the accompanist for the FAMC. After this concert, the choir held a few discussions of it members and they decided to disband. With the age of the choir, the death of active members, lack of operating funds, and also from the lack of success to find a replacement for their retired accompanist, they found it very difficult to continue.

Delia & George Ayotte and Bob Gaudette and Flo Sheehy

After the F.A.M.C. disbanded, some members still got to sing together with other choirs for various engagements. Although sad, the men of the chorus did come together in sacred song for one of their own or a family member when requested to sing at a Funeral Mass. Again, to get together one more time for their motto "Service Through Song". What a better way to accomplish that in tribute to one of their own. The camaraderie, memories and friendships that were garnered by being a member of this special group will live on forever by its living members. Please enjoy this website as a celebration and dedication to all the men and of course two special women who gave of their talents to create a truly unique and special singing group.

I would say that this music selection performed by the group really says it all about us, service through song to man and to god. Please enjoy this selection called Let There Be Music