In the early years the chorus "cut its teeth" singing church music. For many years, not only did the FAMC sing performances they volunteered or were hired to sing for, but they also performed every Sunday morning at the 10:15 mass as the "church choir" for Ste. Jeanne D'Arc Church in Lowell, MA. It is from singing those masses that the chorus gained its expertise at singing the Latin Mass. Over the years they learned Latin Masses that were written by many famous composers. To this day, if you were to ask the living members of the chorus which type of music they enjoyed to sing the most, it would be the Latin Mass and other types of Sacred Latin Music. Please enjoy some of the following selections of sacred music.

Kyrie From Mass - Rosa Mistica
Gloria From Mass - Rosa Mistica
Sanctus From Mass - Rosa Mistica
Angus Dei From Mass - Rosa Mistica
Kyrie From Mass - St. Joan Of Arc
Sanctus From Mass - St. Joan Of Arc
Angus Dei From Mass - St. Joan Of Arc
Adoramus Te
Ave Verum
Ave Maria
Panis Angelicus Soloist - Larry Dolan
Delia Ayotte - 2nd Anniversary Remembrance Music Selections From Catholic Mass